Spanish Classes for Customer Service

Spanish lessons for customber service are limited to 9 students per group for three months, the classmates must to be a customer service agents or superisor so that teacher and students may have better communication, and these students be able to learn Spanish for customer service properly.

Spanish School Of Good Traders

Calzada San Pedro No 250 Nte. Col. Miravalle,

     Monterrey, N.L. México . C.P. 64660  


 Telephone in Mexico  

 + 52 (81) 1234 3373


We personally teach you how to take Spanish lessons via webcam.

Contact us to teach you personally  before paying your courses at any Spanish school;

So you can use your computer or laptop via webcam at 1080p HD or 4k before paying your Spanish lessons.

At any IZA Business Centers in México.

At any Alliance Business Ceneters in EE.UU.

Free parking - city bus routes: 214 y 130 # 3